Very Basics

DM Expectations
- Roles: Inventing, writing, storytelling, improvising, acting, refereeing
- Master of Worlds: multiverse, planes
- Master of Adventures: creating/co-mingling published, kit-bashing campaigns, NPCs
- Master of Rules: see below; however, can make any call during game
- Knowing the Players: taking interest in your characters and backstories
- Fun: ensure enjoyable experience for all players with respect

Player and PC Expectations
- Calling intentions before actions while taking turns
Example: “My character is moving 30 ft north.” DM ack. Then move.
Example: “My character is going to take out his bow and shoot this goblin.” DM ack. Then roll.
- Acting/RP
- Exploring/Adventuring
- Instigating/Interacting
- Fighting/Retreating/Sneaking
- Optimizing
- Problem Solving
- Storytelling
- Having fun
- Treating others players with respect
- Not murdering another PC
- Limiting meta-gaming



Hint: It’s more important to have fun than to do math.
- D&D 5th Edition – Player’s Handbook
- D&D 5th Edition – Dungeon Master’s Guide
- D&D 5th Edition – Monsters Manual
- D&D 5th Edition – Volo’s Guide to Monsters
- D&D 5th Edition – Unearthed Arcana




Always Roll Advantage is the default setting and will roll two D20 on every roll in case of advantage. The expectation is that if there is no advantage or disadvantage you use the left most result.


Options & Variances

Shadowfell Despair (DMG 52)
Psychic Dissonance (DMG 59)
- Blessed Beneficence
- Pervasive Goodwill
- Overwhelming Joy
- Hunter’s Paradise
- Beast Transformation
- Intense Yearning
- Immortal Wrath
- Power of the Mind
- Mad Winds
- Abyssal Corruption
- Prison Plane
- Vile Transformation
- Cruel Hindrance
- Pervasive Evil
- Bloodlust
- Law of Averages
- Imposing Order
- Planar Vitality
Planar Effects (DMG 59-67)
NPC Loyalty (DMG 93)
Mixing Potions (DMG 140)
Madness (DMG 258-260)
Action Options (DMG 271)
- Climb onto a Bigger Creature
- Disarm
- Mark
- Overrun
- Shove aside
- Tumble
Morale (DMG 273)

Scroll Mishap (DMG 140)
Wands That Don’t Recharge (DMG 141)
Automatic Success (DMG 239)
Only Players Award Inspirations (DMG 241)
Flanking (DMG 251)
Diagonals (DMG 252)
Facing (DMG 252)
Slow Natural Healing (DMG 267)



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