Terrahtrae Codex

The Adventures of Kale'zvul-Qolaas (3rd Entry)

Memoirs of a Junior Druid

I have become death.

When Master Ferun told me of how the definition of good and evil can differ based on one’s perspective, I never truly considered how far that definition could stretch. The people of Phanadlin, victimized as they are, cheer my fellows and I on as we slaughter men in their streets, painting their roads red with fresh blood.

I am rewarded for murder. Praised and hailed as a hero for taking the life of another.

I am not foolish – I understand I killed in self-defense. I understand these men were criminals. But killing should be a horrid act, regardless of the reason or justification. I do not wish to be condemned for helping rid the villagers of their plight. But I should not be paraded as a hero for it either. It should be acknowledged but not glorified.


octavesdragonfly Tyonis

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