Terrahtrae Codex

Who found the original scrolls for the Codex?

One story is that a young Tiefling called Alis; nicknamed Maya, found the first scrolls in a cave in 1491 while searching for a missing dwarf and soldier.

Molson Scopebrush, an early researcher, found several “Maya’s” all claiming to be that very man.


The extent of the find quickly became apparent. Over the next ten years the site was thoroughly investigated. In all, 11 caves were found to contain scrolls, wrapped in linen and stored in jars or among goblin loot.

An example is the controversial shred of papyrus found inland, some believe it is part of the early scripture of Octaves, specifically the Gospel of Arthur.

If this were true, it would be the earliest known Gospel text by a century.

However, the only complete legible word is ‘magol’ – elven for ’’sword”.


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