Terrahtrae Codex

What does the Codex contain?

Of the scrolls found, about a quarter (220 in all) are books of the Writ of Sacred Mysteries, or what Druids and Warlocks call the REBIRTH: all the books, in fact.

The most common of scrolls found are OVERTURE and CHTHULU.

A further quarter is religious texts not part of a standard codex, such as the book of Arthur or the book of Gnomes.

The rest are other religious texts and a range of secular writings including lists of laws, advice on warfare, and a catalogue of places where treasure was buried.

About one in six of the scrolls have not yet been identified.

Over three-quarters of the scrolls are written in Elven. The remainder is in Celestial mock-up, Draconin and Underdark.


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