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The Adventures of Kale'zvul-Qolaas (2nd Entry)

Memoirs of a junior druid

1491 - Spring, inside of the Cragmaw’s Hideout

I have gone from skirmishing, nature-communing druid to full-blown war caster in the span of a single day. I have only a few moments to jot down my thoughts and experiences – hopefully I will find time later to better flesh out the swirl of emotions overtaking my heart.

I met my mysterious benefactors in a way I never expected. The Twin Queens of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. Both were as the legends described. Maddeningly beautiful and horrifically terrifying all at once. Through a wellspring of power enchanted by both Court Queens, they bequeathed me with their blessings, a small fragment of the Feywild’s mystic powers and granted me the power to wildshape, a mark of a true druid. For all intents and purposes, I am no longer a mere apprentice. Though I have not yet been formally recognized by the Emerald Enclave and my masters, I now stand alongside them as a druid. I hope Nimue has an easier time of earning her stripes.

But most of pressing of all, the Twin Queens spoke of fate and destiny. Of the differences and similarities between them. After collecting myself, I think I’ve been able to decipher their cryptic message:

I was fated to join the Circle of Dreams. Alongside those druids who’s hearts and souls reside closest to the Feywild and the natural elements. It was something that was decided without my consent, indeed, if the Fey Queens are to be believed, the choice was made long before I was born. It was something predetermined. Something I could not change. I should not change.

But I am destined to do so much more. Destiny is what you make of it. It is the ultimate result of your choices. It is the destination which you set for yourself. My fate may be unavoidable, but how I approach it and how I harness it – that is my destiny.

The main reason why I wanted to write this entry was also to provide as accurate a sketch as possible of the Twin Queens and the white forest they took me to while the images are still fresh in my mind – I fear they will vanish like a pleasant dream when I next close my eyes to sleep.




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