Terrahtrae Codex

Tasar and the Goblin`s Den

goblins-attack.jpgWhile resting beside the Goblin`s Den we were approached by a strange Elf that goes by the name Tasar. Alis` first reaction was to draw her crossbow but Tyonis and I managed to calm her/him down. Looks like Tasar is another adventurer on the Goblins trail wanting to help us in our endeavour of freeing the prisoners and killing the peasant`s enemies inside the cave.

The first thing we saw inside were couple of wolves and a big Worg. Tyonis calmed the wolves at the beginning but we weren’t able to do the same with the Worg and had to kill it. Frightened by the sight the wolves attacked, only one decided to stay calm and live it`s life to the fullest. During that ordeal Tasar was far ahead in the cave none of us could see him and Aladris was hit by a wave of gushing water 2 times in a row I felt like that was Tasar`s doing. He had alerted the Goblins and their Leader. After going a bit deeper into the cave we saw Tasar up on a bridge, Alis climbed up to help him while the rest of the party continued ahead trough the stairs. A moment later Tasar was on the ground so Gruge`s first thought was to bombard the Rouge with our Druid it was a success and he lived to see another day.

I jumped in front of Gruge and was surprised by 2 goblins which were dead by the time I was able to blink all thanks to our 2 Meat Shields. At the top of the stairs were a group of Goblins, their Leader and his trusty Wolf which we killed with a lot of effort and Spells. Now I know we shouldn`t trust elves in the future.

“Some day I`ll kill Tasar for what he`s done today!”


octavesdragonfly octavesdragonfly

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