Terrahtrae Codex

Sad Cave of Try Long

While the adventurers catch their bearings from the massive bloodshed and slaying of the Bugbear Klarg, his wolf and minion goblins..

Suddenly a black magical darkness immediately surrounds the party. They become stunned as coldness engulfs them.

They feel vines begin to wrap around their legs – they try to move but are temporarily incapacitated.

They open their eyes but instead of light SEE ONLY DARKNESS as all are immediately put into a trance.

Chanting and music and dark growls echo in the distance. Distant what, they wonder…

In the trance they begin seeing intense visions…

Aladris see himself as little boy walking through the woods – mom and dad killed by raiders, Lords Guards grabbing siblings/acolyte in Temple or Torm, a priest walking in back room, beady eyes, forwards to brother in a field prostrating and making a pact with a demon – forwards to a young woman being pushed by two men wearing red scarfs and they are ripping off her dress and trying to rape her. Aladris passes out.

Alis (Maya) sees himself as young tiefling, around the tavern helping mom clean mugs, barely reaching over the bar, running with the other human children through the village causing mischief, playing with sticks and rocks and stealing food, coming home and seeing the love and pride in his parents eyes, forwards to Alis spies and seedy joints… flashback to young Lilach running, flash forward to a boat at sea. Alis passes out.

Bo see himself as a young tabaxi, fixing beds in the inn and always tricking older sister, performing for the royal family, his old friend co-horting with a half-elf in the corner, embarrassment of friend being with the crown princess, princess crying about the torn page. Bo passes out.

Gurge see himself as a young half orc causing mischief in the slums. Gurge hears a tuating voice over and over saying, “you’ll be back, you’ll be back”. Flash forward to a fighter on a cliff wounded and being beaten by a goblin and an airship. Gurge passes out.

Tasar sees himself as a young wood elf, stories around the fire by elders of the bad orcs catastrophic event, later saving a half-orc caravan, being banished and ridiculed out of the village he loved so much. Fast Forward to a short bald man with a fat head – he looks shady. Tasar passes out.

Tyonis see himself as young druid adopted into the circle of dreams on great delight, the Seelie Court, Unseelie Court/, eywild sacred learning, farming with mom and dad, secrets reveled to him as he accepts entrance into the emerald enclave.. Flash forward to a beautiful young elf woman with long blond hair wearing a sacred red and gold dress – she is being watched by a drow in the shadows. Tyonis passes out.

The lights return and the party snaps out of the trance…


As sight returns they are still stunned but their eyes start to focus and they find themselves in a stone room with no visible exits.

The vines felt earlier are definitely real and entangle the party’s feet below. The vines are limiting everyone’s speed to 5 ft.

Snakes are in the distance. On the other side of the room are symbols that represent the party members. The adventures are each drawn to their respective symbols…

The game of wits has begun.

Aladris takes a step forward and triggers a trap – an arrow coming from the wall!

Gurge slices a vine at its feet only to find it regrow moments later.

One by one the party plan their strategy and take aim at the poisonous snakes approaching them.

Alis (Maya) teleports directly to his spot. He vanishes, suspended in time and space.

The others try different methods and look around to figure out the traps.

Slowly but surely, the party destroys the poisonous snakes and find their way across the dungeon room to their respective symbol. As each character moves to his space, they say goodbye to the others… Tasar is the last to escape.

(It seems they finally figure out they can only move diagonally to avoid setting off the trap arrows from the walls.)

WTF was that?!?”, they cry out.

They find themselves back in Cragmaw’s cave, where what seemed an entire day had passed happened in merely seconds.

Time for a long rest, someones suggests…


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