Terrahtrae Codex

Prejudice and Concern

Alis / Maya

The bugbear and his goblin underlings lay strewn and bloody upon the cave floor, quite dead. It had been a tough fight. Though Alis had been cunning enough to avoid injury, many of the other members of the party had not been so lucky. They now sat by the warmth of the fire that still smouldered in the lair of the now-dead bugbear chief, tending to their wounds.

Alis had to admit that without the newcomer’s aid, the goblins would have outnumbered his group even more.

Even so, he hardly liked having the elf around. Racist, naive and reckless, with a lack of charisma to boot, he had managed to insult the tiefling, anger the tabaxi and endanger his allies within the first five minutes of arriving on the scene.

Alis had met such prejudiced individuals before, of course, but it was a special kind of person who would have the audacity to say such a thing to the face of not only an armed tiefling but one surrounded by allies.

Still, the utterly tactless insult seemed more indicative of naivety and a sheltered upbringing than genuine malice, so when the bard pulled a knife on the boy, Alis was very concerned.

First the goblin, and now the elf. It was certainly true that Alis disliked both, but Bo was beginning to show both a lack of empathy and an uncomfortable affinity for unnecessary violence. Alis had met many people like him before, working in the criminal underworld of Neverwinter, usually employed in violent professions. They were not trustworthy.

Alis made a mental note. He would need to befriend the other three party members if he wanted to distance himself from Bo, and ensure he had the majority of the party on his side should Tasar turn on him.

The half-orc, Gurge, seemed a kind enough fellow, and surely one who knows what it is like to be judged based solely on your heritage. Like Alis, he grew up in the slums, and led a criminal lifestyle out of necessity. There was a certain kinship there.

Tyonis is a sweet young boy with a gentle heart. He needs to watch his tongue sometimes, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He was cute, too – the kind of person Alis might have had a fling with in the past.

It was sweet that he tried to release the wolves, rather than killing them. With a little more practice, it might even have worked, too. At least one was spared.

Aladris was harder to read, as soldiers often were. Alis couldn’t be certain what the paladin thought of him, but he was at least polite enough not to act strangely around the tiefling. That was a good sign.


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