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Getting to Know Phandalin

The next morning, having had a refreshing stay at the Stonehill Inn, (a much better stay than the previous few nights, that is for sure!), the adventurers decided to get an early start on the day.

First stop was the town square, where first the adventures spotted Sister Garaele, a zealous young elf who despairs of ever ridding Phandalin of the Redbrands and also caretaker of the Shrine of Luck, Phandalin’s only temple, Aladris found out the night before from the Inn keeper, Toblen. Upon inspection, Aladris sees the temple is dedicated to Tymora, goddess of luck and good fortune.

Recently, Garaele’s superiors asked her to undertake a delicate mission. They wanted her to persuade a banshee named Agatha to answer a question about a spellbook. Garaele sought out Agatha in her lair, but the creature did not appear for her. Garaele desires an intermediary and asks the adventurers to bring Agatha a suitable gift, a jeweled silver comb, and persuade the creature to tell what she knows about the location of a spellbook belonging to a legendary warlock named Octaves Dragonfly. Sister Garaele believes that a character who flatters Agatha’s vanity might be able to trade the comb for an answer. She offers the quest to the characters and offers them three potions of healing as payment for their efforts. She blesses the adventures and also allows Aladris to worship to his deity in a private room in her house, next door to the temple.

Bo decides to perform in the square for the locals. Some bashful children approach Bo and a little girl hands out her palm to offer a small blue jewel. Bo, winks, pausing playing and says, “You need this more than I.”, and goes back to performing. The little girl’s face turns red and her and the other child giggle and run away. Gurge sniffs around and keeps a keen eye up the street towards the Sleeping Giant and the Manor on the hill in the distance.

Maya knows a halfling farmer in Phandalin so Maya and Tyonis head toward the south side of Phandalin. A wise female halfling of forty-five, Qelline Alderleaf is a pragmatic farmer who seems to know everything that goes on in town. She is a kind host, and is willing to let Maya and her associates stay in her hayloft if they don’t want to stay at the Stonehill Inn.

Qelline’s son, Carp, is a spirited and precocious halfling lad of ten years. He is enchanted by the idea of being an adventurer and says that he was playing in the woods near Tresendar Manor when he found a secret tunnel in a thicket. A couple of “big ugly bandits” came out of the tunnel when he was there, and met with a pair of Redbrands. They didn’t see him, but it was close. Carp thinks that the bandits have a secret lair under the old manor house.

After about half an hour or so, everyone meets back at the town square and head over to the Townmaster’s Hall to track down Sildar. The townmaster’s hall has sturdy stone walls, a pitched wooden roof, and a bell tower at the back. Posted on a board next to the front door is a notice written in Common. It reads: “REWARD—Orcs near Wyvern Tor! Those of a mind to face the orc menace should inquire within.” The notice bears the town’s seal and an indecipherable signature. The party enters the halls to see Sildar speaking with the townmaster. They learn that Phandalin has no functioning government, but the townsfolk elect someone to serve as townmaster each year. The townmaster serves as a judge in minor disputes and keeps any records that need to be kept.

The current townmaster is a male human banker named Harbin Wester—a fat, pompous old fool. Completely intimidated by the Redbrands, he claims that they’re “just a mercenary guild, and not all that much trouble, really.” Harbin is looking for someone to head east on the Triboar Trail, where travelers have reported trouble with a band of orcs near Wyvern Tor. He offers 100 gp to any group that can take care of the problem.

Sildar wants to find the lost mine of Wave Echo Cave and help the Rockseeker brothers put it back into production, believing that bringing prosperity to the region will help civilize the town. Sildar also encourages the adventurers to keep up the pressure on the Cragmaw goblins. He offers the party a 500 gp reward if they can locate Cragmaw Castle and defeat or drive off the tribe’s chieftain. Sildar goes back to talking with Harbin and the party heads
out to borrow the cart from Barthen.

After getting permission to borrow the cart, the adventurers proceed along the Triboar Trail to recover the Lionshield Coster goods and claim the reward. Surprisingly enough, the party manages to travel back to the goblin cave, load the goods and return to Phandalin in about 8 hours, just in time to arrive back before sundown. They quickly brought the gear to the Lionshield and were rewarded their gold. Linene thanks them and lets them know she will help them any way she can.

As night fell, Maya reminded the group that they were offered a place to sleep in the barn at Alderleaf Farm. Maya knocked lightly on the house door, and after no answer, tells the group to quietly go into the barn, where they discovered a nice and dry haymow, just as Quelline had promised earlier that morning.

The party determines watch coverage and begins to unwind…


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