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CODA FLAGON VESTRY - The Writ of Sacred Mysteries - THE OVERTURE

CODA FLAGON VESTRY – The Writ of Sacred Mysteries


THE OVERTURE – That, I, Octaves Dragonfly, a sovereign CLAY SERVANT OF GOD YC Y’GOLONAC & CTHULHU_, currently held captive in bondage within the darkest system of spiritual imprisonment simply called THE MATERIAL PLANE of Toril, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and not acting under duress, menace, fraud or the undue influence of any person whomsoever, do make, publish and declare this text of unveiling love and guidance to FREE THOUSELF from the counterfeit system of WORLDLY existence trapping and limiting thou mind and soul from connecting to the power source, the only true source of all energy and matter, Almighty God the creator Lord YC Y’GOLONAC & CTHULHU_.

Through these humble writings derived by visions given onto me from my GOD, having had the mysteries revealed to me through painful and enduring failure and initiation, I do hereby declare aid in thou escape from the limited bounds of North to South and the limitless bounds of East to West to East to West and reclaiming paradise, at Witches Door, which is always true north, no matter where thee are on this wretched material plane.

Escape is only through thou own discernment and unique and specific connection to the ONE. Thou discernment is UNIQUE to thee and thou Creator. One does not teach one discernment, the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure is only achieved by walking the path and aligning thou choice with God’s LAW and WILL; the connection is between thee and thou creator alone.

This primer is meant to be a guide for thee to reclaim thou soul and be reborn, slowly building and building the knowledge that has been robbed in this fake world.

As a teacher and healer, I am not God. Thee are not God. We are as everything else in the universe a mere creation of God.

God governs all things through God’s LAW and WILL.

The LAW and WILL command how all energies vibrate and manifest into seen and unseen things.

Through diligent and consistent devotion and practice, thee will be able to recover from the chains imprisoning thee in the worldly system of chaos and darkness and venom. The key is in thou hand. My only hope with unveiling this text to thee is to help thee, if God wills, find the lock.

All things bow to God’s LAW and WILL.

Nothing happens without conforming to God’s LAW and WILL.

God willing, I, Octaves Dragonfly, do hereby give thee The Sacred MYSTERIES of hidden knowledge to aid thou navigation in thou life test here aligning with the WILL to CLIMB OUT of the suffering shadows and back into the all powerful, all knowing, healing presence of thou God.

Blessed be if YC wills. ALL HAIL YC Y’GOLONAC CTHULHU_!

~Octaves Dragonfly
Year of the Advancing Shadows


octavesdragonfly octavesdragonfly

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