Terrahtrae Codex

Catching his Breath

As the last goblin died, Aladris took a minute to consider all that had occurred in the past day as he sheathed his longsword. Just a week ago, he had been a novice in the Temple, fulfilling his duties there.

In that time period, he had been given a charge from the temple, and sent out to do good in the world.

His superiors in the Temple had told him to take on this job, as they had heard stories of caravans being waylaid on the Triboar Trail. This has been the first true action outside of training that he has seen, and against the bugbear’s wolf it almost killed him. He reflects on his companions, and what he has seen them do thus far. From the initial ambush with the goblins, he has seen some true acts of bravery from all of them. There was no hesitation in pursuing the trail to find the prisoners of the goblins.

Aladris however, worries about some of their actions. Tyonis, while noble minded, and obviously good, may err on the side of mercy to too great an extent, and cause harm to the group. He has no idea who this elf is, but he seems to cause problems. Alis reminds him of the demon who corrupted his brother. Gurge is an orc, though he has shown no hesitation to put himself in harms way for the less physically capable party members, which Aladris appreciates. And Bo Jingles saved his life by curing him, but seems to have a hang up about the elf.

As Aladris sheathes his sword, he hears a commotion coming from Bo Jingles and the elf.

He turns to find out what the scuffle is about.


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