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Caravan Escort Contract



Dearest friend,

I am sending you this contract request to meet a party tomorrow to protect and deliver a caravan led by two oxen to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin. Please meet the rest of the escort party and the caravan, mid morning on The High Road, right outside the Southwest gates of Neverwinter.

In exchange for this work, you will be awarded 10 gold pieces. I will be leaving tonight with my warrior companion Sildar Hallwinter to take care of an urgent matter. I trust you with this precious cargo, so please take care.

See you in Phandalin! Good luck and godspeed.

Gundren Rockseeker


“This… a simple request. Shall we send one of our rangers to fulfill it?”

“Mm. We could. Very well then send for-”

“Wait. Let us send Di Qolaas.”

“What? Why? He has yet to finish his training.”

“A change of scenery will be good for him. I can teach him of the world from within the safety of a Gloom Grove, but he will never learn unless he cuts his teeth against the rock of adversity. He is ready and the task is simple enough.”

“It is never simple with Di Qolaas, Ferin.”

“The waters ever change, flowing like time. It is his turn to climb. The cub must learn to hunt and survive on his own, moreso during his development years. We must let him go or a false-sense of security will stunt his growth forever.”

“Tsk… Very well then. Let us send Nimue out as well – not on the same task, but in the same region. Their fates are connected on a level we do not yet understand. Perhaps that same fate will see to their safety in a way we cannot foresee.”

“I will prepare him for the journey.”

“Fare you well, Ferin. And give Tyonis my regards.”

The mysterious conversation amongst a moonlit clearing ends with a flock of owls flying in separate directions. Soon, the nighttime sounds fill the air once more…

Caravan Escort Contract
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