Terrahtrae Codex

Attempt to Lighten the Mood

After sheathing his dagger and explaining to the party that Bo is just trying to save them from an elf that doesn’t care about their safety. He tries to lift their spirits with a joke about a monk and his master:

A young student asked his Master: “Master, why are my fighting skills not improving in time and I always lose the battles that I take part in?”

The Master asked: “My dear student, have you seen the seagulls that fly by the setting sun and their wings look like they are made of fire?”

The young Monk said: “Yes master I’ve seen them!”

Master: “Have you seen, the white water cascaded down a series of rocky outcrops, giving the effect of many waterfalls rather than just one. Then it flowed on its way, nonchalant, as if nothing had occurred?”

Young Monk: “Yes Master I have!”

Master: “Have you seen the moon`s reflection in the clear beautiful lake and her unearthly beauty?”

Monk: “Yes master I have seen this phenomenon!”

Master: “Well that`s your problem, instead of training you are looking at those stupid things!”


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