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A Story About Dragons

original.jpg.18.pngAfter freeing the Goblin`s prisoner and seeing that everyone is still a bit on the edge from all the killing. Bo decided to tell yet another joke:

Long, long ago in time long forgotten this plane was infested with dragons. And everywhere you can see dragons there were heroes as well.

I don’t know how many dragons there were but I know about one, he was terrifying with long and sharp spikes on his back. And one day this dragon managed to capture three of the mightiest heroes from this plane. Their names were: Indian Virtu, Gartan Voivoda and Dartanian.

For 3 days and 3 nights the adventurers were left to rot inside a little cage, but on the 4th the dragon got hungry and the answer was right before his eyes. He got them out of their cage, told them to line up by height and said “I’ll eat you that’s for sure, but because I’m on a diet I’ll eat only one of you. It`s up to you who I’ll eat. Do you see that big hill on the other side of the mountain?”, asked the dragon.

The three adventurers yelled “We see it!!!”

Dragon: “The task is simple the three of you will run and have to go around that hill, the first one to get back here will be let free. The one that comes last will be eaten with some baked potatoes on the side. Ready, Set, Go!”

The three adventurer ran towards the hill, 30 minutes later Virtu and Dartanian came back at the same time right next to each other, shoulder to shoulder.

The Dragon said: “You two are alright but where is Gartan Voivoda”

Virtu answered: “I`m not sure, but I think he went back home right after you said GO!”


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