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A curious sight.

Tasar knelt down next to a ravaged carcass and pulled his mask down from his face, allowing the stench of death to fill his nostrils. He stood in what once would have been a beautiful grove, now the sight of grizzly murder. A few nights past a traveling caravan had stopped here to make camp and met an untimely end. Suddenly a twig cracked and the Wood Elf turned immediately, eyes scanning for any threats, his long elven ears could hear grass rustling a few yards away. He muffled to himself “Rabbit” and turned back to the scene of carnage as a small hare emerged from the underbrush behind him out of sight.

The murders were cruel, he made 12 attackers. Scanning the area he found two victims had been killed while sleeping, one of whom still had a spear lodged into her sternum. the unmistakable markings on the weapon and lingering stench led to one conclusion.


Tasar followed the tracks for hours, sometimes even finding something dropped by the raiding party in the mud. The elf continued on even as nighttime approached. His race had no need for torches and he was familiar with this land. Suddenly the tracks had stopped in front of a large bush.


Something did not seem right and he investigated only to find a hidden trail behind the shrub. Now things where really getting exciting. he followed the trail but made sure to stay off it and as it took a bend he in turn did so as well, deciding to take high ground. As he arrived atop a slope, he could make out the faint silhouette of a campfire amidst the clouds in the night.

He leaped down and made haste towards the fire.


“Hail, traveler.” Tyonis’ voice echoed through the treeline as the stranger approached. The druid-to-be stepped out of the brush, intercepting the newcomer a few meters away from the camp. Tyonis drew no weapon, but let his right hand rest onto the hilt of one of the scimitars belted to his waist. He eyed the cloaked man with equal parts curiosity and caution. Tyonis was careful not to appear too hostile – he had no desire to unnecessarily escalate the situation.

“I am Tyonis of Lyttonsville, druid-apprentice of the Emerald Enclave. As propriety dictates, I ask you also identify yourself,” Tyonis began. “You move too deftly through these woods to be just another goblin and picking up my trail after I so painstakingly hid it both mark you as skilled with woodlore.”

A curious sight.

Tasar greets the Druid Tyonis warmly as the devil spawn Tiefling drew a shortbow on him. After a brief introduction and explanation as to why Tasar was tracking the goblins he agrees to aid the druid for the moment but keeps his guard up regarding the Tiefling.

A curious sight.
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