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Octaves Dragonfly

Terrahtrae Script

Lord Cthulhu

Green Dragon


Aladris – Human Paladin
Alis Malviya – Tiefling Mystic
Bo Jingles – Tabaxi Bard
Gurge Borkhog – Half Orc Barbarian
Tyonis – Human Druid
Tasar Omberdawn – Wood Elf Ranger

House Rules


DR 1491, Year of the Scarlet Witch

ON THE WORLD OF TORIL, BETWEEN THE windswept Sea of Swords to the west and the mysterious lands of Kara-Tur
to the east, lies the continent of Faerûn.

Faerun North Sword Coast

A place of varied cultures and races, Faerûn is dominated by human lands, be they kingdoms, city-states, or carefully maintained alliances of rural communities. Interspersed among the lands of humans are old dwarven kingdoms and hidden elven enclaves, assimilated populations of gnomes and halflings, and more exotic folk.

Tasty Demonspawn

The routes between cities and nations often cross into the territory of brigands or marauding humanoids. Every forest, swamp, and mountain range has its own perils, whether lurking bandits, savage ores and goblinoids, or mighty creatures such as giants and dragons.

Fucking Giant

Ruins dot the landscape and the caverns that wind beneath the surface. In these places, treasures of every living race- and a number of dead ones- wait for adventurers intrepid enough to come and claim them.

Swords Coast

Faerûn is filled with rich history and wondrous tales of adventure and magic, but the lifeblood of its common people is agriculture and trade. Most rural folk depend on farming to eat, and Faerûnians who live in cities ply skilled trades or use brawn to earn their keep, so they can purchase the goods and food provided by others.

Elf I'd Like to Blank

The Terrahtrae Codex

These celebrated texts are of unique historical and religious significance. The 800-plus manuscripts – written on papyrus or animal skin, are first discovered in caves by the Triboar Trail in early 1491 DR – include virtually the only known surviving pre spell-plague documents written before the last century.

Terrahtrae Script2

- Terrahtrae Codex Scrolls Origins
- What is the Terrahtrae Codex?
- What Does the Codex Contain?
- Who Found the Original Scrolls?
- What is really on the Terrahtrae Scrolls?

Terratrae Codex

Coda Flagon Vestry

The Coda Flagon Vestry is what outsider’s refer to a mysterious secret society that is embedded throughout Faerûn. The cult’s basic text is called “Writ of Sacred Mysteries”, written by a young Octaves.

CFV Script

CFV Picture

- Writ of Sacred Mysteries – The Overture
- Writ of Sacred Mysteries – Cthulhu
- Writ of Sacred Mysteries – Y’GOLONAC
- Writ of Sacred Mysteries – Witches Door
- Writ of Sacred Mysteries – Lake of the Dead
- Writ of Sacred Mysteries – Astral Leap
- Writ of Sacred Mysteries – Escape

Rusty Nail Gazetteer

The Rusty Nail Gazetteer is a fast courier news network sanctioned by The Lord’s Alliance with operating posts in Waterdeep, Neverwinter, Silverymoon, Baldur’s Gate, Daggerford, Mirabar, Longsaddle, Mithrall Hall, Amphail and Yartar. Articles posted here are considered common knowledge.

Rusty Nail Script

- Rusty Nail Gazetteer – Neverwinter
- Rusty Nail Gazetteer – Caravans Missing
- Rusty Nail Gazetteer – Faerun Adventure Guide
- Rusty Nail Gazetteer – The Sword Coast North
- Rusty Nail Gazetteer – The Lord’s Alliance
- Rusty Nail Gazetteer – Barthen’s Provisions Sale
- Rusty Nail Gazetteer – Dwarfholds of the North
- Rusty Nail Gazetteer – Island Kingdoms
- Rusty Nail Gazetteer – Independent Realms
- Rusty Nail Gazetteer – The Underdark
- Rusty Nail Gazetteer – Toril and Its Lands

Say Your Prayers

The Sword Mountains

Volume One

Volume One – Lost Mine of Phandelver


Gundren Rockseeker hires Aladris, Alis Malviya, Bo Jingles, Gurge Borkhog and Tyonis to escort a caravan of supplies from the South gate of Neverwinter to the small village of Phandalin.

- Rockseeker Brothers Caravan Escort Contract
- Rockseeker Brothers Bill of Lading

Scroll One – Goblin Ambush!

DR 1491, Year of the Scarlet Witch
3rd Day of The Claw of the Storms

- Goblin Ambush! (DM)
- The Adventures of Kale’zvul-Qolaas (Tyonis)
- Campfire Stories (Bo)
- Demons on the rocks (Gurge)
- Campsite Outside Cragmaw’s Hideout (Tyonis)
- Strange Practices (Maya)

Creepy Goblins

Scroll Two – Cragmaw’s Hideout Part One

DR 1491, Year of the Scarlet Witch
4th Day of The Claw of the Storms

- A Curious Site (Tasar)
- Cragmaws Hideout Part 1 (DM)
- Catching Feelings for Tasar (Bo)
- Taking a Breath – What Just Happened (Tyonis)
- The Adventures of Kale’zvul-Qolaas – Entry 2 (Tyonis)
- Attempt to Lighten the Mood (Bo)
- Illumination (Gurge)
- Catching His Breath (Aladris)
- The Dullest Tack Sharpens (Gurge)
- Prejudice and Concern (Maya)

Scroll Three – Cragmaw’s Hideout Part Two

DR 1491, Year of the Scarlet Witch
4th Day of The Claw of the Storms

- Sad Cave of Try Long (DM)

DR 1491, Year of the Scarlet Witch
5th Day of The Claw of the Storms

- Finding Sildar (DM)
- A Story about Dragons (Bo)

Scroll Four – Finding Phandalin

DR 1491, Year of the Scarlet Witch
6th Day of The Claw of the Storms

- Finding Phandalin (DM)
- Fragments of Kalezul (Tyonis)

DR 1491, Year of the Scarlet Witch
7th Day of The Claw of the Storms

- Getting to Know Phandalin (DM)

DR 1491, Year of the Scarlet Witch
8th Day of The Claw of the Storms

- Redbrand Ruffian Run In (DM)

Scroll Five

DR 1491, Year of the Scarlet Witch
8th Day of The Claw of the Storms

- The Adventures of Kale’zvul-Qolaas – Entry 3 (Tyonis)
- A Neatly Written Diary Entry (Alis/Maya)

To be continued

Elf and Her Dragon

Terrahtrae Codex

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