At birth, Tyonis of Lyttonsville was adopted into the Circle of Dreams by both Queen Titania of the Seelie Court and the Queen of Air and Darkness of Unseelie Court for reasons he has yet to understand. Tyonis has been made an exception of exceptions, as the Courts have a long standing tradition of killing each other on sight and never finding common ground. The recent life-threatening adventures he has taken part in has finally begun to awaken his hidden blessings.

Druids who are members of the Circle of Dreams hail from regions that have strong ties to the Feywild. The druids’ guardianship of the natural world makes for a natural alliance between them and good-aligned fey. These druids seek to fill the world with merriment and light. Their magic mends wounds and brings joy to downcast hearts, and the realms they protect are gleaming, fruitful places.

You were born in a sacred natural place, and you were marked from birth with supernatural gifts. Although your parents were farmers, your presence was a blessing to them and your village. The druids of the circle overseeing the land near your home tutored you from a young age, allowing you to eschew the normal life a farm child. You became able to shift your form when you entered puberty. Although your build is slight, your powers of spirit grant you all the might you need.

You come from among the peasantry, but the druids who taught you revealed your birth is in accord with a prophecy spoken long ago by mysterious fey. People of your home village regard you as a blessed one with the skills to stand against threats against common folk everywhere.

Among the druids of the Emerald Enclave, the fey, and dragonkind, he is known as Kale’zvul-Qolaas, the name of the prophecy surrounding his birth.


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