Bo Jingles


Bo was the son of an innkeeper and his wife, the youngest of three children. Like his sister, he attended the Royal College, training to be a bard, while his brother joined the army. Over the years, his skill improved continually, though it never matched the talents of his eldest sibling, who was something of a celebrity in her own right. However, due in part to his skill, and in part to his sister’s reputation, he was granted a chance to play before the royal family.

On the night of the performance, an old friend approached him. He begged to be sneak into the palace, just to see it. Eventually, he relented. Later in the evening, in the midst of Bo`s performance, there came screams from elsewhere within the castle. His friend was discovered within the chambers of the Crown Princess, who had taken ill and retired before the performance.

As their people did not practice execution, both were sentenced to exile. The ‘friend’ who had committed the offence elected to leave immediately, while Bo took a day to apologise and say goodbye to his family. Just before he departed, though, the princess approached him. She had discovered a powerful spell torn out of her spell book, and realised that the ‘friend’ had stolen it. Telling the bard that she believed him to be largely innocent, she begged him to retrieve the spell and so restore his honour. Thus, he went into exile, wearing the princess’ token, and charged with hunting down a man who had once been his closest friend.

Bo Jingles

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