Alis Malviya

Tiefling spy and infiltrator. More than meets the eye.


Hurriedly, the witch grabbed her infant child, swaddling it as best she could in the first fabric she could find. Downstairs , she could hear the front door creaking – the furniture barricading it slowly beginning to shift under the force of the soldiers desperately trying to push their way in. “Lilach Mirewood!” a deep, booming voice rang out, amplified by magic.

“You are accused of consorting with demons, study of forbidden magicks, and human sacrifice. Your pathetic attempt to barricade this door is proof enough of your guilt. Come out now and – AAGH!” the voice yelled as a loud explosion resonated through the building. Lilach smirked, realising the paladin had set off one of her magical traps. This was her chance. With the countermages distracted, she had just enough time to get off one teleportation spell…

With what little time and planning she had to work with, she had little chance to aim the teleportation spell in a particular direction, but to her relief she re-materialized in open space. Taking a quick look around, she realised she had appeared in the slums of Neverwinter, not far from where she lived. Knowing the order would never stop looking for her, she knew she had to abandon the child, and so, with a heavy heart, she abandoned him on a doorstep, knocking the door before teleporting away into the night.

Adopted by Hershel and Chandra Malviya, a kindly human couple with no children of their own, Alis grew up believing himself to be a common tiefling, unaware of his true nature: a cambion child of the witch Lilach Mirewood and the demon lord Malcanthet.
Living in the slums of the city, his adoptive parents earned a meager living running a tavern by the name of The Twisted Sword. Following in their footsteps, the young Alis soon joined the family business, working as a waiter and a bartender.

Possessed of a natural guile and a silver tongue, Alis was adept at solving disputes and negotiating deals with his family’s suppliers, allowing the tavern to prosper more than it ever had without him. Even so, when times were at their hardest, this would not be enough. Desperate to keep his family afloat, Alis began to employ his talents in less-than-legal endeavors, working as a spy and blackmailer behind his parents’ backs. In that time, Alis was always careful to keep his criminal activity secret from his parents, knowing that they would never approve, even if it meant the difference between staying afloat and bankruptcy.

As the decades passed, and his human parents began to grow old, he slowly began to realise that he would not.
Though most tieflings live only slightly longer than humans, Alis seemed to have retained his youth for far longer than he should have, unbeknownst to him preserved by a much closer connection to demonic heritage than most tieflings can lay claim to. Now 46 years old, Alis has yet to age visibly from the time he reached adulthood, something that has drawn suspicion and curiosity from those who know how old he is. Not truly knowing how long he may yet live, the mystery of it haunts him from time to time, along with the nature of his birth.

Throughout his long life he has done much to avoid life becoming dull, practicing many hobbies over the years including archery, gambling, and painting. He often does infiltration jobs simply for the thrill of it.

Thanks to his relation to the demon Malcanthet, self-proclaimed queen of succubi, he has a rather slight and feminine appearance, and some strange powers of charm and seduction, abilities which he often relies on to get him out of sticky situations. In addition, he has a unique command over magic, able to bend it fluidly and directly to his will, without the need for formal spellcasting.

Alis Malviya

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