Terrahtrae Codex

Strange Practices

“Maya” (Alis Malviya) lounges lazily next to the fire as he frowns at the torn fabric of his robe. For a tiefling, his appearance isn’t very intimidating – he’s very androgynous, and pretty short, too. Without hearing his voice, it would be easy to mistake him for a young woman. Still, there’s a coldness to his red eyes, and something unsettling about the utter calm he showed during the middle of the goblin ambush. He didn’t even seem fazed at being shot.

His thin, spaded tail flicks in and out of the flames from time to time, seemingly unaffected by the heat. With a frown on his face, he digs into his bag and retrieves a needle-and-thread, beginning to repair the tear in the robe as best he can. His silken black and silver robe, round glasses and nose freckles certainly fit the aesthetic of an aspiring magic initiate, and he only looks around 18, but there’s still something not quite right about it.

He seems to do a surprisingly good job mending his robe, but he still seems less than satisfied with it. Wordlessly, he returns to his pack and puts the thread away, only to pull out a book and a pen instead. Opening the book to a pair of blank pages, he pauses and stares into the fire for several minutes, a deeply pensive look spreading over his face. After a while, he begins scrawling something upon the pages, slowly at first, but quickly becoming rather frantic, muttering to himself in a voice surprisingly reminiscent of the goblins the party fought earlier.

He keeps up the strange practice for almost half an hour, seemingly in an almost trance-like state, then seems to slow down as his concentration wanes.


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