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Rockseeker Brothers Bill of Lading



After reviewing the wagon’s contents, Tyonis muses over his training. This will be the first job the Emerald Enclave entrusted to him, and the young druid-to-be had every intention of delivering good tidings to his masters. Particularly, Nimue, a girl born under similar circumstances as he. They had a rivalry that bordered on obsession. She was also given her first task somewhere in this region. He had no intention of falling behind.

“Sword, dagger, food, kits…” Tyonis checked and triple checked his gear. There was no real need to do so, but the action brought the young adventurer some much-needed confidence. He hefted the pack over his back with a heavy grunt, feeling his boots sink a little from the weight. His knees hurt already. But he would press on. A druid’s work was a tireless effort. A little backpain would build character – or so his instructors kept chanting.

He turned his gaze toward Neverwinter’s southern gates. Even from the southern edge of the Neverwinter Wood, he could see the city’s great towers rise above it’s already impressive walls. It was a testament to mankind’s ambition. And most of all, their folly. Tyonis blinked once and the great city he saw in his mind was replaced by the cruel reality. The Spellplague had wrought great havoc upon Neverwinter; tearing down what was once known as the Jewel of the North. The on-going civil wars raging within the walls did little to help the city’s recovery. Neverwinter – New Neverwinter – was not even a shadow of what he had read so much of. A large part of Tyonis wanted to venture into the city and offer what solace he could to both the people and the land, but the Emerald Enclave’s orders were absolute. As a fledgling still learning to stretch his wings, he could not simply leave his task undone. Perhaps some day in the future, his adventures would take him to New Neverwinter.

With a heavy sigh, Tyonis of Lyttonsville emerged from the forest and trudged up the High Road, toward the southern gates.

Rockseeker Brothers Bill of Lading

After seeing the contract Gurge thought a bit about the upcoming job. Thinking was not something Gurge did a lot of or was good at, so this was brief. He did decide to appeal to his honorable side and try to make good on the work. This took a lot of effort — especially with the smell of dwarves in the air…

Rockseeker Brothers Bill of Lading
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