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Demons on the rocks

Gurge did his best to find a bed of rocks to escape the philosophizing of his new companions. It wasn’t that he didn’t like his company, he just didn’t care to debate the worth of a goblin’s life — or frankly speak any words whatsoever…

Finding a suitably uncomfortable group of rocks, Gurge reflected on his day. This was a strenuous activity, as Gurge was fighting the urge to nick each of his companions and make off into the night. Gurge still had demons to wrestle with…

In fact, he was surprised with his new company. Despite one of them looking and smelling suspiciously like a Dwarf, and another unexplainedly trying to use oxen as a weapon, the group was remarkably courageous. No one in the group — not even the tiefling, ran from a rather messy encounter with a gang of goblins. Furthermore, the group unanamously agreed to try to rescue the missing men from the previous party.

There is honor here, Gurge thought — perhaps it will chase off a demon or two. That damn dwarfy-looking man still smells though…


When Gurge was falling asleep Bo snuck to him and with the arcane nature of his oratory prowess he whispered:
“Soon you will have your fill of Dwarf`s meat!”
And Gurge`s facial expression went from somewhat downcast to a relieved one.

Demons on the rocks
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