Terrahtrae Codex

Campsite Outside Cragmaw's Hideout (Tyonis Reflects)

Despite having little experience with actual travel, Tyonis led the way through the underbrush, veering off their intended path toward the Cragmaw Hideout in order to avoid any goblin patrols. His keen eyes and familiarization with nature’s hidden paths bore great fruit and he found a break in the treeline just large enough for the oxen and the wagons to pass through unhindered. After the party set up camp in a clearing deeper into the forest, Tyonis tended to the oxen, unhinging both beasts from the wagon to give them space to stretch and sleep. He was careful to bade them to silence before backtracking through the path to cover their tracks. It wasn’t long before he returned to the camp to catch Bo Jangle’s tale.

“I’ve tended to our trail. We’ll be safe, but we should still set a watch rotation…” Tyonis suggested. He did not fancy getting ambushed a second time within 24 hours.



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