Terrahtrae Codex

A neatly written diary entry - Alis Malviya
Written in Infernal, with a neat, steady hand

I sat at the table eating my breakfast when the Redbrand brutes strode up to the barman, the leader of the group eyeing the man with a cocky smirk upon his face. I knew a shakedown when I saw one, so knew to ready my weapon in secret beneath the table lest a fight break out – though I intended not to start one.

I consider myself grateful for my instincts, for no sooner had the last man stepped forth into the room than he felt the needle-point of a rapier pierce him from behind.

Used to many a bar brawl in my past, I flipped the table I sat beside at once and crouched behind it, taking careful shots at the bandits as my companions dispatched them with surprising rapidity.

So much for disguise…
It seems that, after this, my false persona may soon be no less conspicuous to the Redbrands than my true self. How long retains this ruse its worth?

The barkeep seemed strangely and naively grateful for the intervention, thanking us for our help, as if unaware of (or perhaps unconcerned by) the vengeance the Redbrand superiors might enact upon him for having several of their grunts slain.

Disturbingly, the altercation at the inn seemed also to confirm for me my suspicions regarding the rogueish tabaxi Bo Jingles.

Though I saw not who held the blade, I suspect that it could only have been Bo, for I counted all but him amongst me in the room before the fight.

That the cat’s bloodlust seemed so unbridled troubles me greatly, for whilst he remains an ally for now, how long before any one of us feels an unexpected rapier-blade at OUR backs?

My mind is cast back to Tasar, and the cave. I saw the murderous look in his eyes there, too, the eyes of one ready and willing to kill one who had professed himself an ally.

He kills without feeling; without remorse, basing his actions coldly on personal need alone. I know now for certain that such a man could never be trusted. To do so is to risk death.

The Adventures of Kale'zvul-Qolaas (3rd Entry)
Memoirs of a Junior Druid

I have become death.

When Master Ferun told me of how the definition of good and evil can differ based on one’s perspective, I never truly considered how far that definition could stretch. The people of Phanadlin, victimized as they are, cheer my fellows and I on as we slaughter men in their streets, painting their roads red with fresh blood.

I am rewarded for murder. Praised and hailed as a hero for taking the life of another.

I am not foolish – I understand I killed in self-defense. I understand these men were criminals. But killing should be a horrid act, regardless of the reason or justification. I do not wish to be condemned for helping rid the villagers of their plight. But I should not be paraded as a hero for it either. It should be acknowledged but not glorified.

Redbrand Ruffian Run In

The adventurers got a nice safe and cozy rest in the Alderleaf barn. Qelline and her son, Carp meet the party as they tend to their chores. Qelline suggests the party get breakfast at the Stonehill Inn, but before the adventurers leave, Carp shows them the path where he saw the bandits.

They make their way into the Inn and sit down and have a bite, when suddenly the Rebrands show up. No negotiation here, the party kills them all, while Toblen cowers behind the bar storeroom.

Getting to Know Phandalin

The next morning, having had a refreshing stay at the Stonehill Inn, (a much better stay than the previous few nights, that is for sure!), the adventurers decided to get an early start on the day.

First stop was the town square, where first the adventures spotted Sister Garaele, a zealous young elf who despairs of ever ridding Phandalin of the Redbrands and also caretaker of the Shrine of Luck, Phandalin’s only temple, Aladris found out the night before from the Inn keeper, Toblen. Upon inspection, Aladris sees the temple is dedicated to Tymora, goddess of luck and good fortune.

Recently, Garaele’s superiors asked her to undertake a delicate mission. They wanted her to persuade a banshee named Agatha to answer a question about a spellbook. Garaele sought out Agatha in her lair, but the creature did not appear for her. Garaele desires an intermediary and asks the adventurers to bring Agatha a suitable gift, a jeweled silver comb, and persuade the creature to tell what she knows about the location of a spellbook belonging to a legendary warlock named Octaves Dragonfly. Sister Garaele believes that a character who flatters Agatha’s vanity might be able to trade the comb for an answer. She offers the quest to the characters and offers them three potions of healing as payment for their efforts. She blesses the adventures and also allows Aladris to worship to his deity in a private room in her house, next door to the temple.

Bo decides to perform in the square for the locals. Some bashful children approach Bo and a little girl hands out her palm to offer a small blue jewel. Bo, winks, pausing playing and says, “You need this more than I.”, and goes back to performing. The little girl’s face turns red and her and the other child giggle and run away. Gurge sniffs around and keeps a keen eye up the street towards the Sleeping Giant and the Manor on the hill in the distance.

Maya knows a halfling farmer in Phandalin so Maya and Tyonis head toward the south side of Phandalin. A wise female halfling of forty-five, Qelline Alderleaf is a pragmatic farmer who seems to know everything that goes on in town. She is a kind host, and is willing to let Maya and her associates stay in her hayloft if they don’t want to stay at the Stonehill Inn.

Qelline’s son, Carp, is a spirited and precocious halfling lad of ten years. He is enchanted by the idea of being an adventurer and says that he was playing in the woods near Tresendar Manor when he found a secret tunnel in a thicket. A couple of “big ugly bandits” came out of the tunnel when he was there, and met with a pair of Redbrands. They didn’t see him, but it was close. Carp thinks that the bandits have a secret lair under the old manor house.

After about half an hour or so, everyone meets back at the town square and head over to the Townmaster’s Hall to track down Sildar. The townmaster’s hall has sturdy stone walls, a pitched wooden roof, and a bell tower at the back. Posted on a board next to the front door is a notice written in Common. It reads: “REWARD—Orcs near Wyvern Tor! Those of a mind to face the orc menace should inquire within.” The notice bears the town’s seal and an indecipherable signature. The party enters the halls to see Sildar speaking with the townmaster. They learn that Phandalin has no functioning government, but the townsfolk elect someone to serve as townmaster each year. The townmaster serves as a judge in minor disputes and keeps any records that need to be kept.

The current townmaster is a male human banker named Harbin Wester—a fat, pompous old fool. Completely intimidated by the Redbrands, he claims that they’re “just a mercenary guild, and not all that much trouble, really.” Harbin is looking for someone to head east on the Triboar Trail, where travelers have reported trouble with a band of orcs near Wyvern Tor. He offers 100 gp to any group that can take care of the problem.

Sildar wants to find the lost mine of Wave Echo Cave and help the Rockseeker brothers put it back into production, believing that bringing prosperity to the region will help civilize the town. Sildar also encourages the adventurers to keep up the pressure on the Cragmaw goblins. He offers the party a 500 gp reward if they can locate Cragmaw Castle and defeat or drive off the tribe’s chieftain. Sildar goes back to talking with Harbin and the party heads
out to borrow the cart from Barthen.

After getting permission to borrow the cart, the adventurers proceed along the Triboar Trail to recover the Lionshield Coster goods and claim the reward. Surprisingly enough, the party manages to travel back to the goblin cave, load the goods and return to Phandalin in about 8 hours, just in time to arrive back before sundown. They quickly brought the gear to the Lionshield and were rewarded their gold. Linene thanks them and lets them know she will help them any way she can.

As night fell, Maya reminded the group that they were offered a place to sleep in the barn at Alderleaf Farm. Maya knocked lightly on the house door, and after no answer, tells the group to quietly go into the barn, where they discovered a nice and dry haymow, just as Quelline had promised earlier that morning.

The party determines watch coverage and begins to unwind…

Finding Phandalin

The adventurers decide it best to escort Sildar to Phandalin, regroup, try and ask the locals to see if anyone might know the location of Cragmaw Castle so the party can find Gundren.

As they stepped out of the Cragmaw Cave, a green dragon swept down from the sky and scooped up Tasar. As Tasar struggled to be free, some of his items fell to the ground. And just as soon as the dragon descended to grab Tasar, he immediately ascended. The party drew their ranged weapons but it was too late. The dragon escaped and took Tasar with him heading eastward.

“Whoa.”, exclaims Sildar.


A relatively quiet journey was had during the half days journey to Phandalin. Sildar passes on his brief knowledge of the village with the adventurers as they escort the oxen led caravan of supplies.

Sildars explains the frontier town of Phandalin is built on the ruins of a much older settlement. Hundreds of years ago, the old Phandalin was a thriving human town whose people were firmly allied with the dwarves and gnomes of the Phandelver’s Pact. However, the same ore horde that sacked the mines at Wave Echo Cave laid waste to the settlement, and Phandalin was abandoned for centuries. In the last three or four years, hardy settlers from the cities of Neverwinter and Waterdeep have begun the hard work of reclaiming the ruins of Phandalin. A bustling frontier settlement has grown up on the site of the old town, and is home now to farmers, woodcutters, fur traders, and prospectors drawn by stories of gold and platinum in the foothills of the Sword Mountains.

The rutted track emerges from a wooded hillside, and the party catches the first glimpse of Phandalin. The town consists of forty or fifty simple log buildings, some built on old fieldstone foundations. More old ruins—crumbling stone walls covered in ivy and briars—surround the newer houses and shops, matching Sildar’s description of how this must have been a much larger town in centuries past.


Most of the newer buildings are set on the sides of the cart track, which widens into a muddy main street of sorts as it climbs toward a ruined manor house on a hillside at the east side of town.

As they approach, they see children playing on the town green and townsfolk tending to chores or running errands at shops. Many people look up as they approach, but all return to their business as they go by.

Sildar seems much more at ease. “My friends,” he says, “let us secure lodgings. I’m told the local inn is very quaint.” Sildar’s plan is to get some rest at the Stonehill Inn, then search Phandalin for signs of the missing wizard, Iarno Albrek. Sildar agrees to meet the rest of the party later at the Stonehill Inn.


The first stop for the party was Barthen’s Provision to deliver the caravan. Barthen’s is the biggest trading post in Phandalin. Its shelves stock most ordinary goods and supplies, including backpacks, bedrolls, rope, and rations. The place is open from sunup to sundown. The proprietor is Elmar Barthen, a lean and balding human male shopkeeper of fifty years with a kindly manner.

Barthen pays the agreed amount (10 gp to each adventurer) and takes possession of the wagon and its supplies. The conversation quickly turns to Gundren and the Rockseeker brothers. Barthen is saddened by the news and encourages the party to find and rescue the dwarf. He considers Gundren a friend and was excited by talk of discovering the lost mine of the Phandelver’s Pact in the nearby hills.

Barthen also mentions that two more Rockseeker brothers, Nundro and Tharden, are camped somewhere outside town. Barthen hasn’t seen them in a tenday and expects the brothers to return “any day now” to resupply.

Aladris questions Barthen on the dragon they spotted earlier. Barthen let’s the adventurers know the green dragon is known to frequent the Ruins of Thundertree, east on the Triboar Trail.

Bo asks, “How is business, anyway?”. The shopkeeper tells them that the Redbrands are making it hard on everyone, shaking down local businesses and flouting the townmaster’s authority. He tells them that the Redbrands frequent the Sleeping Giant tap house on the east side of town.

The party then decides to head across town to the Lionshield Coster, to see if they can strike up a deal for retrieving the gear found in Cragmaw’s cave. Hanging above the front door of this modest trading post is a sign shaped like a wooden shield with a blue lion painted on it.


Inside is is a sharp-tongued human woman of thirty-five named Linene Graywind. She knows that bandits have raided Lionshield caravans, but she doesn’t know who is responsible. The adventures manage to get a deal of reward, if they go and retrieve the Lionshield gear.

As dusk came upon the group, they performed some espionage on the Sleeping Giant to discover about two dozen ruffians getting their drink on. They decide to head to the Stonehill Inn, grab a bite, and a drink and settle in for the night.


In the center of town stands a large, newly built roadhouse of fieldstone and rough-hewn timbers. The common room is filled with locals nursing mugs of ale or cider, all of them eyeing the party with curiosity.

The proprietor is a short, friendly young human male named Toblen Stonehill. Toblen is a native of the town of Triboar to the east. He came to Phandalin to prospect, but soon realized that he knew a lot more about running an inn than he did about mining. The new town offered a good opportunity to become established. Through some small talk, the party discovers that Toblen is upset that the Redbrands have been allowed to terrorize the town, and that Harbin Wester, the townmaster, has done nothing to curtail them; however, he tries not to stir up trouble for fear that the Redbrands might retaliate against his wife and children. The party asks about Sildar; however, Sildar has already gone to sleep.

After a meal and drink, the party retires to the comfortable rooms upstairs for the day.

Fragments of Kale'zul Di-Qolass

“… will never forget the Day of Promised Victory.”
“But hubris and betrayal…”
“…believe in nothing. They will answer to the…”
“Take heed, young squire! Should you tread upon this path, you will forever forsake your…”
“…more valuable?”
“…dream, of where might served right…”
“…thus heralds the king of dragons: lord of light.”
“… in one day, 960 men struck down by a single…”
“From the ashes shall rise the Everdistant Utopia…”
“…shall be cast and heroes shall rally around it.”
“…clothed arm in white, shimmering samite she bade held upon her bosom the…”


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